The mys command

The mys command has the following subcommands:

new      Create a new package.
build    Build the appliaction.
run      Build and run the application.
test     Build and run tests
clean    Remove build output.
deps     Show dependencies.
publish  Publish a release to the registry.
delete   Delete a package from the registry.
install  Install an application from local package or registry.
doc      Build the documentation.
style    Code styling.

Build options

--optimize {speed, size, debug}: Optimize the build for given level. Optimizes for speed by default.

--unsafe: Disable runtime safety checks for faster and smaller binaries.


--unsafe is not yet fully implemented.


  • Implicit None checks.

  • list, string and bytes out of bounds checks.

  • Signed integer overflow checks.

  • Default variable and data member initializations.

  • Message ownership checks.

--no-ccache: Do not use Ccache.


The mys command line tool can be configured to fit your development environment.


It’s currently not possible to configure anything.

Search order:

  1. The environment variable MYS_CONFIG.

  2. The file ~/.config/mys/config.toml