Notable differences to Python

Mys looks a lot like Python, but there are differences. Below is a list of the most notable differences that we could think of.

  • Traits instead of classic inheritence.

  • Statically typed.

  • Bytes are mutable.

  • Integers are bound (i32, u32, i64, …).

  • Iterators/generators do not (yet?) exist.

  • Rust-like generic functions and classes.

  • Only packages. No stand alone modules.

  • Compiled to machine code. No interpreter.

  • Data races and memory corruption possible, but unlikely.

  • No async.

  • Only from ... import ... is allowed. import ... is not.

  • Only functions, enums, traits, classes and variables can be imported, not modules.

  • Ruby-like built in regular expressions.

  • Indentations must be 4 spaces.